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Tips for Hosting a House-Warming Party

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OK, so you just moved into your new home and are wondering how to properly celebrate. Why not throw a house warming party? These are traditional parties thrown by a new home owner to show off the house to their guests, who typically come bearing gifts. Here are some tips to throwing a successful party.

  1. Make a guest list: Cater your list to the size of your space. A small apartment house warming would be fine with 10 or so guests, whereas you can go much bigger if you have a large home. Also, limit the guest list if you have a tight budget.
  2. Select a date: The date you choose shouldn’t be too close to your move-in date just in case there is a delay. Plus, you want to be fully moved in and settled before throwing a big bash at the new digs. A good rule of thumb is two to three weeks after you move in.
  3. Come up with a menu: You may want to nix the formal dinner party and go with something a bit more casual. With finger foods and simple cocktails, you can relax and actually enjoy our guests rather than being holed up in the kitchen prepping the meals. The best parties are often the most casual parties, says entertainment and design expert Julie Blanner, with more of an emphasis on making guests feel at home with effortless decor and simple foods. Stick with fresh cheese and fruit, chips or breads with savory dips, rolled deli meats or sandwich trays, along with some white wine and Prosecco sangria. If you absolutely must serve warm foods, do something in the slow cooker such as meatballs for less fuss.
  4. Prep your home: Make sure you’ve unpacked all boxes, or at least put them in closets if you’re not completely unpacked yet. Make sure every room is neat and uncluttered, as you know people will want to check out every room of your new home. After all, it IS a house warming party!
  5. Make it look homey: While you may not have been able to decorate fully at this early stage in the game, you can do your part to make it look like a home. Put up framed black and white photos of the family, add a bowl of fresh citrus fruits or cinnamon and potpourri for a warm scent, and add a few vases of fresh blooms. Secure all wall hangings and ensure no breakables are out if you have small children coming over. You want to be able to relax when guests arrive, not follow them around making sure they don’t break anything.
  6. Stock the powder room: Make sure all guest bathrooms are plenty stocked with hand towels, toilet paper, tissues and some strategically placed candles for just the right ambiance.

With the above tips, you can make sure your home is housewarming party-ready!