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5 Unexpected Ways to Incorporate Nature in Your Home

Modern living room

Research shows that bringing nature into our interior spaces helps us improve our focus, mood and overall well-being. It makes sense, then, in a world where we spend about 90 percent of our time indoors that bringing nature inside can help immensely. From creative headboards to wooden side tables to bamboo counter tops, how can you bring the outside, inside? It’s easy with these five creative suggestions.

1. Decorate with Live Plants
This is an easy one to do, plus it will give you a chance to practice your green thumb. Live plants not only eat up all the bad toxins in the air, they also invigorate the air with fresh oxygen and moisture. Water them daily and place them near windows and other sources of natural light for optimal results.

2. Use Natural Materials Where You Can
Getting a new countertop? Try bamboo, a renewable natural resource. Looking to decorate around the living room? Rather than man-made objects from the store, use sea shells nestled in some sand, real hard wood side tables, or some fresh seasonal flowers. For throw pillows, rugs and other accents, use fabric with patterns that simulate nature, such as botanical or wildlife designs. Use wide plank dark mahogany flooring in your living room.

3. Natural Head Boards
Instead of a headboard purchased at the store, reduce your carbon foot print by using reclaimed wood, old wooden oars or surfboards, shabby chic wooden door panels, tufts of sea grass, or – for the go-big-or-go-home set – incorporate a real aquarium stocked with all your favorite fish. Another option for large master suites is to incorporate natural rock walls behind the bed for a rustic look.

4. Brick as a Backdrop
Brick still holds as much design appeal as it did centuries ago. It’s got a relative uniformity that makes for a stunning backdrop to a great room or living room, whether in an urban loft or traditional home, says Freshome. It adds a pop of color as well as texture, whether you choose to use it in its natural state or paint over it.

5. Back to Basics
Natural finishes in the home are nothing new, but bringing natural elements into every room is a challenge many homeowners accept. Try a bubbling Zen water fountain in your home office, organic sheets in your bedroom, bowls of cinnamon, leaves, potpourri and pine cones in the dining room, or citrus fruits as decoration for a nod toward natural flavors in the kitchen.

Basically, there are no rules when it comes to bringing nature inside. Whatever makes you feel calm, soothed and at peace is what you should do. Use nature as a way to unwind after a long day or to get inspired by a new day coming up. Contact Judd Builders for more creative, natural ways to rejuvenate your indoor appeal.