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Creative and Colorful Accents for Your Living Room

Colorful pillows on a sofa with brick wall in backgroundPulling a room together in terms of décor isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Sometimes, we just need a few integral accent pieces that work together for that WOW factor. We all know how patterned throw pillows can add dimension to a room, but let’s go beyond those simple elements and show you how to incorporate lasting accent pieces into your living room.

Wall Décor

Instead of yet another photo of your precious baby (although who doesn’t want to adorn the walls with beautiful kids?), use your wall space to hang an eclectic collection of silver trays in a variety of styles and patterns acting as eye-catching ornaments, suggests Real Simple.

Floral Brilliance

A bouquet of fresh, vibrant, bold flowers in a colorful vase on a side table can lend an airy freshness that instantly perks up a room. Get a little more unique by hanging a partially-open decorative umbrella upside down on a coat rack or wall sconce and filling it with fresh flowers. Switch out the flowers every few days for an aromatic treat as well.

Creative End Table

Instead of a boring old end table with four legs, stack your favorite books vertically and top with a doily for resting your coffee mug on while reading the classics. Choose colorful spines that enhance the décor of the room.

Wild Prints

Add character to a room and show off your wild side with a zebra print lamp shade or a leopard print throw rug near the fireplace. Animal prints are always in season, so use them in prints on your wall or hang fabrics to add depth and dimension. Patterned rugs in particular add tactile and visual interest, says Real Simple.

Color the Walls

Don’t be afraid of color on your walls. You may feel most comfortable sticking with neutrals like beiges, off-whites, grays and creams, but try a sky blue to bring extra warmth, energy and vitality to any room of the home. Light blue is just as versatile as a neutral, as is a pale yellow. Speaking of yellow, this color symbolizes energy, sunlight and cheer. Implement it if you want to spruce up a small space or a room with not many sources of natural light. Got a bare wall? Who says you have to paint it? Put up some lightweight two-dimensional tiles that you can easily remove when you need a change.

Highlight Rich Colors

If you have a white wall that needs sprucing up, highlight rich colors against this backdrop with chocolate brown sofas and soft purple accents.

Adding color, creativity and character to your space is easy when you consider what adds visual interest to a room. Stick within the parameters of your comfort zone but add accent pieces here and there that show off your funky side for a little bit of the unexpected.