Home Decor

DIY Home Hacks


There’s so much room to be creative with DIY (Do It Yourself) projects in order to save money, time all while making your life easier. Here are some home tips and tricks you would have never thought of:

  1. Use 3M command hooks to hang curtain rods. Command hooks now come in all different colors, including silver looking hooks to be able to use a cheap item and still look stylish. Just simply place the rod on top of the hook!
  2. Replace shower curtain rings with ribbon. Using ribbon instead of the typical shower curtain rings adds color, patterns and you’re own unique style! This is much cheaper and the rings can be so boring. Pick the ribbon of your choice and put it through the holes where the rings would usually go and make a pretty bow to tie them onto the rod.
  3. Here’s a super creative one, use a drink dispenser for laundry detergent! This could actually prevent a lot of mess, it’s refillable and it looks much nicer than the container laundry detergent comes in. And you won’t have to lift the bottle of detergent, just simply pour it out of the dispenser.
  4. Use caulk to make a non-slip rug. Rug pads don’t always work too well, they can still shift under the rug and this way you won’t even have to buy one. Spray lines of caulk across the rug in all areas, and it won’t slip anymore.
  5. Ice cubes can help get rid of furniture dents. Place them in the dents, let them melt and then vacuum or gently lift the spots with a spoon.

DIY projects and hacks can go a long way! Take advantage of them, especially simple ones like these to make life around your house much easier.