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Sneak Peak of Plymouth WhiteMarsh HighSchool’s New Cafeteria


A brand new cafeteria has been added to Plymouth Whitemarsh High School that held an open house celebration and ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday afternoon, March 4th. Before this centralized cafeteria, the high school had two separate cafeterias running independently.

The cafeteria operates more like a food court to give students more options on the menu and to eliminate long cafeteria lines. There’s also electronic device charging stations on the walls by many seats. Before the new cafeteria, lunches were schedules based on where students classes were at the time of lunch in order for them to avoid walking across the entire building to get there. Now it is a large, centralized and easily accessible cafeteria that can hold about 600 students during each lunch period.

In the future, the west end cafeteria will become a training and fitness center that will hold physical education classes. The east end cafeteria will be used as an open utility space. An outdoor space will also be available for students during lunch

Plymouth Whitemarsh High Schools new cafeteria is definitely an innovative addition to the school. It was added to add more organization to lunches and the rest of the school as well as update the surroundings. Now it’s up and running for the students and faculty to enjoy!

Plymouth Whitemarsh High School is located near the community, The Reserve at Creekside. The high school provides a great education to kids in the Montgomery County area and strives to do what’s best for the school and students, including with renovations like these!