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Decorating on a Budget

decorating on a budget

Decorating can not only take up a lot of time, but it can also cost a lot of money. For some quick and easy home updates, here are some decorating tips that won’t break the bank and will still be effective:

  1. One way to organize and decorate at the same time is decorative trays, plates, bowls or cups to store items. You’ll be surprised how cheap you can find a small item like this, and you can use it to keep your home clutter-free. For example, a silver tray can be used to spruce up your coffee station, and keep it all in one spot, or a small bowl can be used to hold jewelry!
  2. Build your own headboard. Headboards can be pricey, but they can be easily made with wood, foam, cloth and some silver nail head trim! You can make a simple, elegant headboard for much cheaper than buying one.
  3. Find cheap furniture and re-paint it. Paint it a bold color or something more neutral. Either way, painting furniture can go a long way when you’re decorating on a budget.
  4. Fix up an old piano bench to make it a decorative bench. Use  fabric, pillow stuffing, and nail head trim, and paint the legs if needed. It will look like you bought it from a store! The same can be done with reupholstering a chair.
  5. Layer, especially when it comes to bedding. Using different blankets and pillows will not only make the bed more comfortable, but it’s an easy way to add various styles to one room!
  6. The most important tip to getting all of this started is shopping at thrift stores. You can find a lot for a little amount of money and even if something isn’t up to your standards, items at thrift stores are great for projects to fix up and make it look great.