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First Craft Brewery in South Philly

new brewery in west passyunk

A new brewery will be opening in West Passyunk as South Philadelphia’s first craft brewery! Twin brothers Sean and Andrew Arsenault, owners of Brewery ARS, had been searching for a home to start their business at, and sought after a neighborhood area for it to be apart of. It was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, where they were able to raise $30,000 and now that they have found the perfect spot for their brewery, it could open as early as may if everything runs smoothly.

From mixing ingredients in their row home kitchen in Philly, to attending one of the most prestigious brewing schools in the world, to even traveling the world, the twins did whatever it took to be able to gather the skills to open up their own brewery one day. Their philosophy at Brewery ARS is to create high quality beer using only high quality raw materials along with important traditional brewing methods and time. Be on the look out for the exciting opening of Brewery ARS and be one of its first customers!