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De-clutter Your Home For The Holidays

declutter your home for the holidays

With family coming to visit soon and holiday decorations around everywhere, the house can feel cluttered. From wicker baskets, to creative storage bins, and hidden storage, organizing it before the holidays will make you feel more at ease. Here are a few ways to de-clutter your home:

  1. Pick a target by choosing which are of clutter overwhelms you the most. This will make you feel instant relief once you start your de-clutter project. Whether it’s the mess in your family room or the disorganization in your storage closet, whichever one is more important should get done first.
  2. Shed the surplus. If there’s anything you know you don’t need, such as excess decorations or items you haven’t used in years, getting rid of it will eliminate more¬†clutter than you may realize.
  3. As you pick and choose what you’re getting rid of, keep a few bins handy. These include a laundry container, a bag for donations and a garbage bag. Put the items laying around in the house in places they don’t belong in the laundry container to later put them in their correct spot, or storage. Put the items that are useless in the garbage bag and anything else that you just don’t need to donate, especially around the holiday season!
  4. Labeling is another way to stay organized. Any bins that you put a lot of like items it, label it for easier access in the future so your aren’t rummaging through all your belongings trying to find what you need.
  5. Maximize your space by rearranging items in places such as cabinets and shelves. You’ll be surprised by how much more you’ll be able to fit together by placing them in the correct position!