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Bathroom Remodeling

BR remodel

Don’t know where to start with bathroom remodeling? There are endless bathroom looks to spark some ideas in order to increase the quality of the bathroom in your home to look more refreshing.

One step to fixing up the bathroom in your home is small doses of accent tile. Strategically placed decorative tiles around a bathtub or mirror give the bathroom a very elegant look without having to do too much.

Using bold neutral colors for your tiles and wall paint can make your bathroom look clean and crisp. Painting your walls a tan or beige paired with dark brown floor tiles and cabinets is the perfect contrast.

Surrounding your bathtub with tile can dress it up more. Placing any tile of choice around a plain white bathtub will give the area a decorative lift.

A very small makeover idea is to paint your cabinets. If you have mostly neutral colors in your bathroom, painting the cabinets a brighter color will make the room pop. If you have more color in your bathroom, painting it a richer neutral color will do the same thing.

Mixing and matching tile colors along with simple patterns can surprisingly work in a bathroom. Large diamond tiles of one neutral color can be used to cover the top part of a shower, with smaller square tile of another neutral color covering the bottom part of the shower, along with the rest of the room. The wall paint should be a similar color to the top shower tiles and it can all really come together.