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Window Screen Cleaning Winter Strategy

window screen cleaning

Window screens are meant to let in some warmth and fresh air on a nice day while keeping unwanted debris and bugs out of your home. Most people don’t think of cleaning their screens, even when they’re not in as much use during the colder seasons.

Dirty window screens will affect their appearance and function, but there are some ways to preserve them by cleaning them and also knowing when they should and should not be on the windows.

Why to store screens away for the winter:

  1. A notable aspect of storing your screens away for the winter is how it affects natural sunlight. Depending on the material, you get 30%-40% more light without the screen, which would allow you to gain more solar heat.
  2. Storm Watch is another reason to consider removing your screens for the winter. Screens during severe storms can allow snow to get caught in between the screen and the window, which can damage the screen as well as the window and trim.

When to clean your screens: The ideal time to clean screens is late fall when night temperatures are around 30 to 40 degrees. If you are particularly worried about bugs in your home, wait until the first frost to clean them.

How to clean your screens:

  1. First, vacuum the screens using a handheld attachment portion of the vacuum
  2. Use a sponge to softly scrub the screens with Dawn dish soap and water
  3. Rinse them with a hose and wipe them down with a wet cleaning pad then air them out to dry

Storing screens: Once the screens have dried, use masking tape and a marking to label screens to their correct windows to same some trouble in the spring when you’re reinstalling them. Then you can place them in a dry storage room or basement until they’re ready for use again.