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Helpful Decorating Tips for Bedrooms

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Bedrooms are a very important area that you want to reflect yourself and your style! Here are some helpful bedroom decor tricks to help you get started on decorating a sanctuary that is just right for you:

1. Pillows are never a bad idea for your bedroom. Pile on pillows of different colors and patterns to make your room unique and extra comfy. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns of different sizes, floral designs and geometric shapes.

2. A printed bedspread does a lot with bedroom decor. If you use a printed bedspread, the rest of the room can come together with matching accents of color on the walls or floor.

3. You could also use printed patterns as your accent instead. Using similar solid colors for bedspreads and walls with accented lamps, rugs and artwork can bring a room together nicely.

4. Use pops of color if you want color without a full time commitment of painting the walls or buying furniture by putting hints of it in your accessories.

5. A light source on your wall beside the bed can reduce clutter on your night stand and you wont have to worry about knocking it over. This could also be useful with a fine tune bulb for night time reading and relaxing.