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Best Breakfast in Flourtown

best breakfast in flourtown

For all the breakfast lovers out there, here are some of the best breakfast and brunch spots in Flourtown that are a must go to!

  1. Fairlane Grill is a comfortable breakfast and brunch restaurant located on Bethlehem Pike. It’s your classic main street breakfast spot complete with counter and booths as well as hearty food. Yelp has lots of reviews on this little corner diners food being outstanding.
  2. Hungry Bear Cafe is another favorite in the area that serves classic breakfast foods with a unique twist like cookie dough french toast, breakfast sliders and more! High ratings were given for this breakfast spot with delicious food.
  3. Zakes Cakes & Cafe has an endless list of comfort food of all kinds that will surely satisfy any craving. Good for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Zakes Cakes & Cafe has a selection of coconut french toast, honey and lemon pancakes, southwest BLT with homemade potato salad, grilled duck and much more!