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Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Pumpkins near the door during Halloween season

There is so much to do with Fall decorating, it’s fun to experiment with what you can create from all the natural materials out there! Here are some simple fall outdoor decorating ideas that are easy and naturally beautiful:

1. Harvest Corn Bundles can be placed just about anywhere outside, on a porch, deck, etc. Your backyard garden can supply the whole decoration if you have one, and if not they are easily accessible. Tie the dried out pieces of corn together and place them where you like!

2. Painting various sized pumpkins white, black or any other neutral fall color can make for an elegant outdoor look. Adding an arrangement of acorns or corn can add to the fall decoration.

3. You can create a nice fall wreath to hang on your front door by using natural fall materials as well like pumpkins acorns, leaves etc. (Probably all artificial). Use any of these materials to arrange them how you like around a plain wreath and make it shine on the center of your door.

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