Home Maintenance

Things in Your Home You Should Clean More Often

Closeup horizontal image of hands wearing rubber gloves while cleaning stove top range with spray bottle and microfiber rag

Cleanliness is an important aspect in a lot of people’s homes, but there are some places/things that you may not clean as often as you should. Some may seem fairly obvious and others not-so-obvious:

  1. Dryer Lint Trap– It’s very easy to forget to clean out this small nook of space. If you use dryer sheets, simply pulling the lint off the trap after a wash isn’t enough to keep it truly clean.  Washing the trap every six months will improve the performance of your dryer and increase its lifespan. To clean it use warm soapy water and a cleaning toothbrush to wash it gently and let it sit to dry overnight!
  2. Inside the dishwasher– A lot of people may think the dish washer doesn’t really need to be clean considering it cleans your dishes with soap and hot water all the time, but tiny bits of food and grease can get stuck inside small spaces in the washer, making it look and smell bad over time as well as decrease its efficiency.
  3. Refrigerator Coils– Spending only 15 minutes every six months cleaning your refrigerator coils can eliminate 70 percent of the refrigerators malfunctions, extend its lifespan and increase efficiency.When dirt and dust clog the coils, they can’t release heat properly, causing the compressor to run longer and work harder than it should.

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