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23 Creative Ways to Repurpose Plastic Bottles

Stockholm, Sweden – July 04, 2015: Recycle or up cycle in the garden. Here are four PET bottles with cut bottoms and hung upside down with soil inside. Wild strawberries grow fine in these.

Aside from separating your trash and recycling plastic that way, there are endless options to repurpose your plastic bottles, from gardening to decorating to even organizing your knick-knacks!

1. Here’s a new way to garden, use plastic bottles as planters by turning them sideways and hanging them along a wall or gate! You can create a unique vertical garden at a small cost with all sorts of plants.

2. Another surprising, yet useful way to reuse plastic bottles is by decorating a chandelier. By cutting off the bottoms of plastic bottles and bringing them together, you can create a one of a kind chandelier that looks elegant with a unique texture.

3. The same thing can be done with plastic spoons on a lamp! By taking off the handles, placing the spoon tops downward and overlapping on a bottle that you can hang on a light bulb can give it a great look.

4. Again with the bottoms of plastic bottles you can create a jewelry stand, who would have thought? By turning them upside down except the bottom one and putting a small metal prong through the middle, it can create the perfect place to store all of your small pieces of jewelry.

5. For those of you who are into the outdoors, plastic bottles can also be made into a beautiful bird feeder! With the help of some spoons, you can poke holes into the bottle to let the bird food come out and stick spoons in the holes to catch the food. Just simply hang the bottle by a string on a tree, put the food in, and let the birds enjoy.

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