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Decorating Tips For Renters


Just because you rent a home, doesn’t mean you have to hold back on your creativity. There are lots of decorating ideas that will make your space look homey without them being permanent or too hard to take with you.

1. Even though you can’t paint your walls, you can still play around with color. Hanging up pictures, mirrors or plates on the wall with color and design will give your home that pop you want. You can also have colorful plates and cups displayed on the shelves of your home such as in the kitchen.

2. Portable shelving is a great way to increase your storage space without having to buy the expensive and large furniture for it. It will unclutter your home and can look pretty too.

3. Painted thrift chairs is an easy and cheap way to dress up seating and create a cohesive look in your dining room. Paint them all one color and see how much it can bring a room together!   For some more small decorating tips for renters, click here.