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Moving Tips Everyone Should Know

mirrorbox handles

With the hectic planning and organizing of moving, there are some small must do things that many people are likely to forget or do not think of during the moving process. Here are some of those tips:

1. DIY Box Handles: Picking up and moving heavier boxes can be made easier by simply cutting handholds in the two sides of the box you want to hold with a utility knife! Cut a triangular shape and just fold in the flaps of your triangular cut out.

2. Masking Tape on Mirrors: Put a large X of masking tape on your mirrors to reduce the chance of them breaking during the moving process. It’s not guaranteed it will prevent them from breaking but it will absorb shock in case it is dropped or hit.

3. Take a Picture of your Cords: If you have a lot of cords plugged into your TV or any other device, it can be confusing and difficult when putting them back in their proper place. Take a photo of your cords before unplugging them to make it much easier when reconnecting them all after your move!

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