Simple Landscaping and Gardening Tips


For those who weren’t born with a green thumb, there are easy ways to make your yard pop! Here is a project that can help create the landscaping you’ve always wanted:

Install a Rigid Flower Bed Edging: Having a clean edge where the lawn meets the flower bed looks fantastic and makes mowing easy too.

Tips: Use a charged garden hose to lay out a smooth curve. (A “charged” garden hose full of water makes a kink-free curve) charge it up by turning on the spigot but leaving the sprayer off.

With this as your guide, use a lawn edger to cut away extra sod to make room for the edging. Hit in the edging with a rubber mallet and add the stakes. Finish by trimming the edging with a hacksaw.

Expenses: Steel- $1.25 per lineal foot; aluminum- $2.25 plf; rigid plastic or fiberglass- $1.65 plf.

Tools: Garden hose, flour or powdered chalk, lawn edger or spade, shovel, speed square, hacksaw, rubber mallet, hammer.