Home Decor

New Ideas for Making Your Home More Efficient

Your home is your haven. It’s the place where you go to unload, unwind, relax. So why not try to make it more efficient and aesthetically pleasing? Now you can! There are so many great lighting, design, and organizational options to make your home more efficient, and reduce the clutter which can free up space, and create a welcoming, homey environment that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.


When prepping meals, having proper lighting in your kitchen can be a lifesaver. Especially when you’re looking at a recipe book, or trying to view a recipe on your phone or tablet. Legrand® makes a stunning product line called Adorne. It provides everything from lighting for under your cabinets, to plenty of plugs for kitchen devices, such as coffee makers or blenders, or for charging your phone or tablet while looking at a recipe.


There’s also elegant lighting control fixtures that can blend in with the design scheme your bedroom, bathroom, or just about anywhere. To learn more, visit their website: http://www.legrand.us/adorne


Heating and cooling your home can be a very big expense in the winter and summer months. If you’d like to cut costs down, you should consider a Nest thermometer, which adapts to the temperature you like, and turns it down or auto adjusts when you’re away, saving you time and money. Nest also makes a smoke and carbon monoxide detector and a security system keeping your family healthy and safe. Need to leave for work or vacation? No problem. All systems can be monitored and controlled easily from an app on your phone. Visit https://nest.com for details.


Now, what if you want a little background music for the movie you’re watching? Or, you want to play music from your iPod, phone, tablet, or computer? Good news, you don’t need any complicated wires to get the party started! All you need is a wireless speaker like the Jawbone Jambox. Simply download the app, and control the settings from your phone. You’ll be impressed by the big sound that comes from it, as well as its sleek design that can be taken anywhere you go. Check out the Jawbone website for more info.