Home Decor

Spruce Up Your Backyard


Summer is upon us, so cleaning up your backyard for entertaining is a must. Beautify your backyard doesn’t have to cost a lot, you just need some inspiration, ingenuity, and be ready to get your hands a little dirty.

If you have an outdated, ugly tool shed, pretty it up! Give it a fresh coat of paint, clean it out, and maybe even add some decorations. You can add flags, iron decorations, hang flower baskets from the windows, or just add some nice flowers or plants around it to make it less of an eyesore, and more of a centerpiece for your yard.


If you already have an outdoor patio set, try swapping out the chair pads for a new look or summer. You can also add some decorative pillows to the back of the chairs for added comfort and coziness. When entertaining, you can add placemats, and real silverware, plates, glasses, and decorative napkins for an elegant touch to a brunch or dinner. Don’t forget to add some flowers or a centerpiece to finish it off.


Lastly, give your garden a makeover! Make sure to weed out all the unwanted plants, so that your plant beds look neat, and healthy. Try displaying some of the smaller herbs and plants in different types of containers, such a window sill holders, recycled containers, etc – for a unique touch. Add stepping stones, or slabs of wood to make a path around your garden.