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Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

Red Fruit Sorbet for summer

At The Reserve at Creekside, you have access to a resort lifestyle with an amazing clubhouse and private community pool. It’s a perfect way to beat the summer heat! Here are a few other ideas for staying cool this summer:

Head to the Shore

There’s no better way to get out of that dreaded summer heat than by taking a dip in the ocean. Lucky for us in PA, there are plenty of beaches nearby. From bustling boardwalks at Ocean City, Wildwood, Atlantic City to a relaxing getaway at Island Beach State Park, these Jersey Shore spots will make for the perfect summer day. 

Eat Cool, Be Cool

Eat things that are cooling to your internal systems. Go for sweet and ripe summer fruits, fresh veggies, and foods that are bitter or astringent rather than salty or spicy. You can also infuse your water with fresh fruits or mints while you are hydrating. 

Cold Treats

Make home-made popsicles and frozen fruits for your weekend adventures. Check out a few recipes here. Or just opt for some good old fashioned ice cream cones!  

Home Sweet Home 

Work with the heat, not against it. Instead of wasting energy by blasting your air conditioning, block out harsh sunlight with blinds or curtains. You can also use circulating fans and limit your use of electrical products. Try opening your windows and using fans to circulate the air if you feel like the air is stagnant and hot.

Take the Kids to a Splash Pad

The splash pads downtown could be your saving grace this summer. Hit up Dilworth Park for a quick downtown splash or Clemente Park and Playground to get soaked by a giant flower sprinkler. 

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