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Slow Cooker Recipes

vegetables and cutting board on counter

The slow cooker is our go-to for an easy and comforting meal. You’ll be surprised what you can make in a slow cooker, from cakes, to chili to pasta sauce. Check out these recipes for a simple, delicious meal.

Buffalo Wing Dip

This is a classic dish for game day or a potluck. This dip is cheesy, full of flavor, and sure to be a big hit!

Slow Roasted Chicken with Vegetables

If you’re new to using your slow cooker this is a great place to start. This simple dish only calls for a few ingredients. With just a little prep, you’ll be enjoying a delicious dinner!

Fudgy Peanut Butter Cake

Did you know you could make a cake in your slow cooker? Check out this recipe and don’t forget to add ice cream!

Contest Winning Chicken Cacciatore

Simple ingredients and just 15 minutes of prep time. This delicious dish can cook all day and you’ll come home to a gourmet Italian meal!

All Day Apple Butter

Ever wanted to make your own jam or apple butter? This is a simple way to get started! Stick to the recipe or add extra cinnamon and any other flavors you prefer!

Spaghetti Sauce

Make big batches of this delicious pasta sauce and have plenty left over to freeze.

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