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Things To Do When Someone Says “I’m Bored”

When someone says I’m bored, it hard to come up with a great activity quickly in order to keep everyone entertained. However, you don’t have to worry about that happening this year! From science project and crafts to family fun activities, here are a few fun things to do when someone says “I’m Bored” to keep everyone entertained this summer!

DIY Crafts
DIY Projects or crafts are always a great activity to get everyone creative and entertained! Before you begin, have everyone pick out a few DIY crafts or projects that they are interested in creating. Then make sure you have all the materials you need, or you could go on a quick trip to get them and get creating! Everyone is bound to be entertained while making DIY projects/crafts.

Science Projects
Just like DIY projects/crafts science projects are another great way to keep the kids or grandkids entertained when they are bored. Not only will everyone be interested and engaged, but they’ll be learning a thing or two along the way! For some fun at home science projects, check out our Pinterest Board!

Create an Ongoing Family Challenge
Creating an ongoing family challenge in your household will definitely keep everyone engaged in a friendly competition. A family challenge can be anything like a reading challenge, where you see who can read the most books during the summer. Whatever you decide to choose as your family challenge, have fun and try to promote friendly competition!

Pull Out Some of Your Favorite Family Games
Game night is always a great way to keep everyone entertained and busy! Not only will you have fun, but you’ll create lasting memories that you’ll cherish forever. Also, feel free to take game night to the next level and take it outside! You don’t have to stick to board games when you go outside, instead you can incorporate a variety of outdoor games for everyone to enjoy! Take advantage of the warm summer weather while you can! For some fun family games/activities, check out our Pinterest page!

Learn Something New
Similar to creating an ongoing family challenge, learning something new can be a great activity to keep boredom at bay! In fact, learning something new could be the new family challenge that everyone takes on! From learning how to play and instrument to learning how to map stars, the options are endless. Therefore, have everyone pick something they want to learn and help give them the resources to learn!

Pick Up a New Hobby
Hobbies are a great way to keep boredom at bay. Similar to learning something new, a hobby can keep anyone focused and interested on whatever hobby they choose! The best part about this activity is that the options are endless! There are so many hobbies that anyone can pick up, it might actually be hard to pick just one hobby.

Invite Friends Over for an Abundance of Fun
Don’t cut other’s off from joining fun! Instead, invite friends over and keep the fun going. The more people the better! Whether you decide to host a fun like sports competition, or everyone gathers for a nice little barbecue with plenty of friendly outdoor games, there’s a lot to do to keep boredom at bay and including other’s in those activities will always make the day much better for everyone all around!

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