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Veggies/Fruit to Plant for the Summer

Young farmer with crate full of vegetables

The success of any garden all depends on the types of vegetables you plant and what season you plant them in! Vegetables are classed as warm- or cool-season, meaning some veggies require warmer or cooler temperatures to thrive. That’s why you want to plant the right veggies at the right time.  Here’s a list of some of the best vegetables that thrive during the warm summer months!

Tomatoes are always a great summer veggie to plant during the summer months. Not only are they easy to plant and take care of, but if your garden is successful, it’ll yield plenty of tomatoes to harvest throughout the season!

Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes need a long, hot, and frost-free season in order to thrive. Plant this veggie in the beginning of the summer season and get ready to harvest!

Plant pumpkins during high spring, once the threat of frost is past, and watch your small pumpkin plant grow into a pumpkin patch! Pumpkins grow best in warm weather (65 to 90 degrees F), which makes them perfect for a summer garden.

Peppers are a great crop to plant during high spring for a summer harvest! These plants can be easily killed by frost, so you’ll want to make sure that any threat of frost is past before planting!

Cucumbers are a tender vegetable, meaning they need warm weather to grow. This makes them a great crop to plan for a summer garden! Plant in high spring and make sure to tend to your garden for the best outcome!

Corn is a hardy plant that is perfect for a summer garden. With plenty of warm weather and sun, this plant will be very successful. Plant at high spring for a wonderful summer harvest!

Nothing is better than a fresh watermelon during the summer! Watermelons are a great plant for a summer garden! These plants need plenty of warm weather and sun in order to thrive, which is why you want to plant them once the threat of frost subsides.

Eggplants are sensitive to the cold. That’s what makes them the perfect summer plant to grow during the hot summer months! Once the threat of frost is gone, plant this veggie for a summer harvest.

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