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Wonderful Activities to do With Children

Do your kids get bored easily? Are you looking for things to do during family time? Are you in need of family fun activities that your children will absolutely love? Look no further because we have you covered! Check out this list of ideas for wonderful, family fun activities to enjoy with your children.

Road Trip
Are there places you’ve always dreamt of visiting, but don’t have the time to visit? Why not plan a local road trip with the whole family to see all the sights and in state locations that you’ve been dying to see? Plan a fun weekend for the whole family to enjoy and make lasting memories for years to come!

Family Game Night
Grab all of your board or card games and plan a fun night in with family game night. To up the fun factor, invite other families or neighbors to join and participate in some healthy competition. Don’t forget to have some tasty snacks or finger foods for everyone to snack on.

Get out of the home and have a fun family night with bowling! This activity is great for families that have kids of all ages. Have fun bonding over a friendly game or two and don’t forget to grab a sweet treat after the game to make the night even better!

Movie Night
Take movie night to the next level by buying a projector and hanging a white sheet so you can have your own outdoor movie screening! Don’t forget to lay out plenty of blankets and pillows for ultimate movie viewing. Also, feel free to invite your neighbors to join and spread the fun!

Go to a Museum
Going to a museum is not only fun, but its education as well. From the Please Touch Museum and the ever popular Franklin Institute located in Philadelphia to the Da Vinci Science Center in Allentown, there are plenty of museums to choose from. Ask you family what museum they would like to visit and plan a day around it. Everyone is bound to love this wonderful activity!

Go to a Sporting Event
Watching sports on television is always entertaining. Going to a stadium to watch the actual game, even better! Buy some game day tickets and cheer on your favorite team. Don’t forget to enjoy the delicious food too.

If the weather is great and you’re looking for a fun outdoor activity, why not take everyone fishing? If you don’t normally fish, this activity is bound to get your kids excited. Plus, everyone can learn a thing or two when it comes to fishing!

Craft Together
All activities you do with your children don’t have to be on such a big scale! Think about what your children like to do and plan an activity around that. If you have a child that is a huge crafter, find some fun DIY projects or crafts and spend the day making them together. Not only will you get to spend quality time together, but your child will love the fact that you are doing something they love with them!

Volunteer at a Local Shelter
Want a way to give back to your surrounding community? Find the nearest shelter in your area and consider volunteering as an idea for a different activity for your family to participate in.

Go to the Zoo
A trip to the zoo will always make your kids excited. There is so much to do and see and the zoo that your day will be filled to the brim. From the Philadelphia Zoo and Elmwood Park Zoo to the Lehigh Valley Zoo, each establishment has much to offer for a fun and memorable day out. Enjoy the smile on your kids face and make lasting memories with a fun-filled day at the zoo!

Plan a Day Full of Outdoor Sports
Are you a family that loves sports? Instead of watching them, why don’t you throw a fun sporting event for a fun-filled day? Whether you go to a close park or stay in your backyard, invite other friends and families to join the outdoor fun.

Take a Trip to the Library
Do you have a reader on your hands? If so, nothing will be more fun than taking your kids on a trip to the library to pick a book out for the week! Or, if you know of any book sales going on or want to check out a half-priced bookstore that you haven’t been too, do it. Your bookworm is bound to get excited!

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