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Functional Furniture: Make it Work for You

Modern bookcase in home

Furniture is more than just a statement piece — it can be functional as well. From ottomans that second as storage to bookcases designed to divide rooms, here are some furniture pieces that also serve a purpose.

Re-Arrange the Room

Sometimes, you can achieve this effect simply by moving pieces of furniture around the room. Why not try dividing your living room into zones? From game and craft zones to conversation and TV viewing zones, you can increase the overall form and function of the room by maximizing every square inch.

 Savvy Storage

In small rooms and apartments, space is understandably at a premium. Again, zones work well in these types of situation. If you have a studio apartment, make distinct areas for eating, working, relaxing and sleeping: maybe incorporate a window seat to take advantage of natural light, a curtained bed and small work space with desk and chair. Go a step further and use a window seat with an opening top where you can store folded blankets for chilly mornings. Incorporate versatile pieces in order to get two uses out of each. A desk for working can double as an eating desk. Your coffee table top can be inverted to include a hard top with recessed spots for setting drinks.

Decorative storage benches are perfect ruses to stash all your old photo albums and off-season clothes, while also providing a relaxing place to sit for you or your guests.

Got a large open concept great room that is just too big to inspire coziness? Use a backless bookcase to divide the room. Because there is no back to the bookcase, natural light streams through and still allows viewing to the other side. However, it acts as a visual divider that breaks up large chunks of space quite nicely.

In the Kitchen

Kitchen carts and rolling bistro tables make the perfect complement to any kitchen. Check out this one from Bob Vila with rich wood paneling. Not only can it provide storage for all your olive oils, small appliances, hand towels and gadgets, it can also convert to a gorgeous kitchen cart when closed up. Roll it over to the table to serve breakfast to your guests or keep it in the corner as a conversation piece when not in use.

In the Bedroom

A modern take on the trundle bed, under-bed storage drawers are the quintessential space savers. After all, what good is an empty under-bed space anyway? It collects dust, your slippers and maybe a blanket or two. Maximize space, especially in a bedroom where this is at a premium, with pull-out drawers perfect for socks, under clothing, bathing suits, and spare sheets.

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