7 New Home Gadgets for 2017

Womans controls Internet of Things in smart home with appGot a new home? Then you need some new tech-savvy gadgets to go with it. Every year, new items come out that help increase our comfort, convenience, security, and entertainment levels at home. This year is no different. Check out seven of the best tech gadgets to invest in for your home for the new year.

1. Amazon Tap: This wireless, Alexa-enabled portable Bluetooth speaker offers the utmost in entertainment convenience. Simply tap lightly on the microphone button and ask to hear tunes from Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and TuneIn. Connect to Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot not only to play your favorite music but also to read the latest news and sports, get the weather and order takeout. Powered by Dolby sound, Amazon Tap feature two stereo speakers with 360-degree omni-directional audio for nine hours of playback.

2. Youmo: This modular systems allows you to create your own power system depending on your needs. Build on a basic power module and power base cord and then attach more modules that include Wi-Fi, USB, wireless charging, power LAN, a light and speakers.

3. Nest Cam: With capabilities of monitoring your home 24/7, you can back up video to the cloud so that important information can quickly be observed if your home is robbed, vandalized or attacked. Best part is, you can view your home and what’s going on in and around it right from your smart phone.

4. Canary: This home security device features a video camera, to be sure, but it also will sound an alarm if someone has entered your property or home. It’s simple to install, and it works wonders to scare intruders off your property.

5. August Smart Lock: Keep your home secure with this device that ensures you never have to worry about losing your keys again. Got your smart phone? You can unlock any door in your home, thanks to the ability of August Smart Lock to communicate with your phone via Bluetooth.

6. Panasonic SC-BTT195: This home theater system is top rated for 2017, delivering high-quality tallboy speakers, Energy Star-certified system, 5.1 channel system, bass boost speakers, and wi-fi system that allows you to stream media from anywhere.

7. Nest Learning Thermostat: Nest has been topping lists for a few years now, but this new-generation thermostat has even more features that can integrate nicely with other smart phone home products. With easy to use apps and software, you can program your heating and cooling system from your smartphone, tablet or other device. With a recent hardware update, Nest Learning Thermostat is a leader in the smart home comfort industry for good reason.

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