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How to Houzz

When contemplating home improvements or décor changes for your home, you likely head to the Internet for inspiration. You’ve probably come across the website Houzz in your travels and may wonder how it works. Here are some tips on how to use Houzz to help inspire your home designs, decor and more.

Be Direct

Finding what you want can sometimes be tricky when doing a general Internet search. When using Houzz, be direct in your search, utilizing quotation marks for searches with more than one word. For example, instead of typing in simply “backsplash,” search for what you really want: “blue mosaic backsplash.” If you’re searching for photos, use the “+” in between each word, such as “+green+chiffon+drapes.”

Narrow Down Your Results

Once you’ve hit on some possible results, you can further refine that search by clicking on a room link, such as kitchen, bath, or bedroom, on the left-hand side of the results page. Get even more specific by room, style and location in the home, as well as object, color and price range.

Locate Guides

To further give you insight, you’ll want to find guides and articles related to your desired search. Ideabooks are a great way to go about that, so click on the green links at the top of each ideabook; you’ll find some in every category written by Houzz professionals. You’ll get peace of mind knowing those guides were created by experts in their fields, such as architects, designers and contractors.

Check out Recommendations

Part of stumbling upon inspiring ideas is seeing what others love. Go to the  Recommended Photos section under Your Houzz to view pictures of objects related to your search. Hit the Suggestions tab to see even more professional recommendations according to your past searches and personal style. You can also post your own photos or make a comment to your followers. Need advice? Want to run something by people? Looking for ideas for your weekend warrior project? Use this feature for real-time feedback from your peers.

Organize Photos

Similar to Pinterest, you can add photos you find in your website searches and put them all in your very own ideabook. In the “Add photos to this ideabook” drop-down menu, look for the Houzz Bookmarklet or choose the option: “Add a photo from website.” Organize your ideabook any way you want using the copy feature.

Go Bigger

If your tablet doesn’t provide enough viewing space, connect your iPad to your big-screen TV by using a cable connection or a wireless connection on Apple TV. This way, you can expand your viewing options to get the full effect.

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