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Outdoor Activities for When the Kids Visit

Playing together in the backyardWhen your kids and grandkids are in town for the weekend, you likely look for fun things to do together. No need to spend outrageous amounts of money or travel further than your own backyard. Check out these outdoor activities to keep everyone occupied, from kids to adults.

Scavenger Hunt

This game gets everyone involved. The goal is to come up with a list of items, hide them outside, and have the kids collect every item and return it to you for a prize at the end. Time is of the essence here, so you may want to time the game. Team up or just let the kids compete on their own. One cool spin on a scavenger hunt is to try an alphabet hunt: everyone has to locate items for every letter in the alphabet, i.e., acorn for A, baseball for B, etc. You can also conduct a nature scavenger hunt where kids are challenged to find a yellow leaf, four-leaf clover, five twigs, a feather, etc.


Rather than just a standard who-can-get-there-fastest race, add a spin on things with a three-legged race. Designate a start and a finish, line everyone up and tie two players’ ankles together with twine or rope. The first set of partners to hit the finish line without falling over wins. Another fun race is the potato on a spoon race. Grab some spoons from inside and some small potatoes. The challenge is to balance the potato on the spoon and make it to the finish line before the rest – without the potato falling off. If it falls, you have to start over. For smaller kids with less dexterity, try hard boiled eggs instead.


On a clear night, grab a blanket and head to the backyard for some stargazing. Lie on your backs and try to identify all the constellations you can. Have a flashlight and an astronomy book handy to look up stars and constellations so you know what to look for. Don’t forget the popcorn and drinks!


This is a classic for a reason: who doesn’t like to roast marshmallows over a fire pit while telling ghost stories?


Got a water hose? One player holds the hose and all the kids take turns going under. The stream gets lower and lower until one nimble person is declared the winner. Once someone is wet, they are out. Dry? They stay in.

Plant a Tree

For lasting memories, plant a tree together and nurture it every year whenever you get together. Buy some seedlings, dig a hole, place them in, cover with soil and water. You can put mulch, bark, leaves or dirt around the base of the tree but not directly against the trunk. Water it every day until it takes root.

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