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Tips For Outdoor Pots

porch potsIn order to make sure your potted plants look good with the rest of your yard and existing plants, or to create a beautiful arrangement from scratch here are tips and things to keep in mind as your preparing to use potted plants outside of your home:

1. Keep colors in mind. Choose a color scheme that matches the plants and flowers that are already planted in your yard so that it all blends in together.

2. Choose a pot size that matches your porch. If you have a small porch and use larger pots, it won’t look right and will take up too much space. The same goes for the opposite situation, if you use small pots on a big porch it just looks out of place.

3. Make your potted plants and porch unique. Try something new. Rather than just using the simple pot to decorate your outdoor space, try furnishing your porch with a tiered look of different style and height vases and pots.

4. Use flowers that will add height to your design. Pick bigger plants that will flourish and add color and style to your porch.

5. Always water the roots and only when it is necessary. Watering your plants too much will kill them. Using pots with drain holes and watering them until you see the water come out the bottom is a good way to know when to stop watering and is also perfect to empty out the extra water and prevent over-watering.

Now that you’ve be informed of all the necessities in planning your porch pot arrangement, you are ready to create a beautiful design on your porch!