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Making Kitchen Counter Clutter Disappear

cluttered counter

Do you ever feel like there’s just too much stuff on your counter? Even if it’s not messy, counters can get cluttered very easily with all of the items you use throughout the day, especially in the kitchen. Here is one simple tip to keep your kitchen counter organized and clutter free, while still being able to display the necessities for easy access:

The key is to use the wall as storage instead of cabinets, drawers or boxes. You can use this method for kitchen supplies and ingredients as well as miscellaneous items. Hang metal baskets or caddies/buckets along your wall to store items in the open, but out of the way. They can be hung by hooks attached to a metal rod or bar that runs along the wall and compliments the style and color of the baskets (as pictured below).

Items such as these can be purchased at IKEA as well as other furniture or appliance stores. You can also make them yourself! The baskets don’t have to be metal, you can use woven baskets that can be purchased at a low price, as well as a rod of your choice, and hang them up by your own hooks or even ribbon. You can also mount baskets right to the wall, without the use of a rod. There’s so much to do with this clever idea that will get rid of your clutter and look great in your kitchen!