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Homemade Decor Making Daily Life Easier


You’d be surprised how many DIY (Do It Yourself) projects there are out there that will not only make your home look great without spending a lot of money, but will also make your life easier. Here are some examples of genius stylish ideas to help you stay on top things:

1. Hang books. A clever idea for thin story and coloring books for kids is to hang them on the wall with a hanging holder made of felt, wood and string. It will take up less space than it would in bins or drawers, it’s easy to access, you can roll it up for easy storage and it’s a fun idea!

2. A stylish key holder makes a good decoration and you will never forget your keys again. Get a piece of wood of any shape or size, paint it different colors to stand out and attach hooks to it. Hang it up by the door and you have a fun, functional piece of artwork.

3. Hang your phone, or any other item for that matter. If your charging area is a mess, this can help organize it. Pin or nail a pretty coozy to the wall to hold your phone while it charges. This way, your phone has a spot so it won’t get misplaced and so it’s not in the way. This same idea can be used for remotes and other electronics too!

4. Slide laundry baskets. Leaving laundry baskets all over the house in different rooms is a hassle and not to mention an eye sore if they’re out in the open. Use a stack of shelves and plastic laundry bins to be able to slide them in and out when needed. They can be left there all the time or for storage in between washes, you decide!

5. Color your keys. There are different patterns and colors to choose from to seal onto your keys to tell the difference from the back door to the front door, or you can just simply paint them yourself. It will keep your organized and it actually looks nice.

6. This is much less of a decorating tip, but very useful. Hang your cleaning supplies. Shower caddies can have more than one use, including storing cleaning items. Hanging makes it easier to see what supplies are where and you won’t be scrambling in the cabinet underneath the sink to get what you need.

7. For anyone who has a lot of hair and makeup items, make a rolling vanity. Buy a rolling shelf cart and organize your things in anyway you want, from hair straighteners to eye shadow to nail polish. Utensil trays can be extremely useful for smaller items on your vanity.