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Philadelphia’s 9th Street Italian Market

One of America’s oldest and largest open air markets is located right in the city of Philadelphia. The Italian Market runs about 10 blocks on 9th street and because it’s so large, you can find just about anything there. Tons of vendors crowd the streets selling everything from fresh vegetables, meat, fish, spices, bakeries and more. Gourmet shops and delicious restaurants are located in between vendors or not far from them to stop by on your day out in the market.

The market has a strong Italian heritage, but over time endless options of food that have been added have transformed it into a very diverse market for everyone to find something they’ll love. Along with all the fresh produce at the market, various types of food are offered from Vietnamese, Mexican food, Korean barbecue, Chinese cuisines, and of course, Pat’s and Geno’s cheese steaks are in the same area for an authentic Philly cheese steak. Whatever you may choose to pick up from Philadelphia’s Italian Market, you will not leave disappointed.

Residents of Judd Builders’ community, Siena Place have the convenience of visiting The Italian Market in just a short trip to be able to experience the many different flavors throughout it.