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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Mudroom

mudroom decorating ideas

Mudrooms can be a tricky room to work with, finding the right decorations and spots for all of your belongings for the amount of space you have. Here are some tips to help create a mudroom you’ll use and love, without it being unattractive or too cluttered:

1. A main function of a mudroom is to store items that you need easy access to. This includes coats, shoes, bags, etc. The room also prevents the rest of the house from getting dirty when the weather gets messy. Using bins, or deep draws to store all of these items in a confined space will keep you organized and tidy. Labeling the bins will help remind you where you will find what you’re looking for later.

2. Along with bins or draws, a counter top above them gives you a space to fold laundry or sort mail.

3. Highly consider installing a small sink in your mudroom to clean up messes that are too much for your regular kitchen or bathroom sink. Kitchen and bathroom sinks are typically for washing hands or cooking dinner, so a mudroom sink will allow for some heavy duty cleaning or even wash up before you enter your home.

4. Some people like to have a bench in their mudroom to prompt guests to take off their dirty shoes as soon as they walk in. Add a cushion made from outdoor fabric for comfort along with easy clean up.

5. Cleaning up is much simpler with tile floors. With family members, guests or pets walking in and out all the time, tile floors allow you to mop up any dirt they may drag in during the process.

6. A mudroom is a great place to also put your pets food and water bowls, if you have any. It will keep them out of the way of the rest of the house, but also allow for easy clean up if your pets make a mess.

7. Hooks of all different sizes can be extremely helpful with your organization. Hooks can be used for coats, bags and even smaller ones for car keys so you never lose them. All of these items can be grabbed quickly on your way out and hung up as soon as you walk in.

8. When it comes to decorating, using neutral colors such as green will give your mudroom a more natural feel, while still adding some style to it.