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Neighborhood Holiday Traditions

neighborhood holiday traditions

Holidays are the perfect time to form traditions that let you enjoy some quality time with the ones you love. There are endless family traditions, but there are also some traditions to start with your neighbors and others in your community! Here are some activities to do with your neighborhood around the holidays to get involved:

1. Go caroling around your neighborhood. Grab the neighbors that live right next door and go around the rest of the area singing holiday songs. You’ll be surprised how fun it is and how good your group will sound together.

2. Walk door to door delivering holiday cookies. Set a date to make a batch of cookies or two with the neighbors in your community. You can either hand them out to others that live around you, or enjoy them with the people you made them with!

3. Check out the holiday lights in your area. Grab some friends in the area and carpool to visit brightly lit houses or drive through light shows.

4. Go sledding or ice skating. If you live by a good sledding hill, take a group sledding for the day or go to a nearby ice skating rink to take advantage of all the fun winter sports!

Holiday traditions with neighbors are a great way to stay in touch and spend time with your friends that live near you. Neighborhood traditions can be started in any community and are something unique to look forward to every year!