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Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

thanksgiving decorating ideas

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and there are plenty of tips to decorating to make this year festive and cozy. Here are easy and quick decorating ideas to place around your home for Thanksgiving:

  1. Mason jar vases are an easy way to add fall flare to your home. You can simply add flowers of fall color to them for a finishing touch in a room. You can also create a “fall” display with them by painting each letter of the word fall on four jars.
  2. Make a thankful tree, by gathering sticks and twigs, placing them in a glass jar with stones or other garnishes and write whatever you feel you are thankful for on pieces of paper that you can hang on the tree. This is a nice arrangement that will remind people of the meaning of thanksgiving.
  3. Hollow out the middle of some miniature gourds and pumpkins to create a DIY Thanksgiving candlestick.
  4. Covering artificial pomegranates or other fruits with copper leaf for festive colored decor that will last.
  5. Adding an elegant piece of ribbon to a cluster of pine cones is a perfect alternative for the traditional front-door wreath. It is different and simple, yet it will dress up your front door for the holiday. Just select 8 four to six inch pine cones and 8 two foot long pieces of silk ribbon. Use a hot glue gun to stick one end of each piece of ribbon to the base of its own pine cone, wait until it dries and tie all the other ends together to hang up. Making all the ribbons different lengths once the glue dries will make the decoration more appealing.