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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

2011-year-resolution-400x400It’s hard to believe that 2015 is just a few days away. As the new year rolls in it might be time to consider a few changes in your life for a healthy, happier you. We all make New Year’s resolutions for our wallets and waistlines, so why not make one for your home?

1 – Clean your home. Give it a good purge to get rid of the stuff you’re not using, you don’t love, or is broken. Start with one room at a time, like your bedroom. Make separate piles for trash and donate. Do this for each room in your house, and you’ll notice how much cleaner and newer it looks.

For the items that aren’t “pretty,” like shoes, CDs, DVDs, etc. store them away and keep them together. If you keep similar items together your home will feel less cluttered, and it will be easier to find things.

2 – Save energy. Simply turning down your thermostat, closing your window shades or curtains, or using less water will help you not only reduce your carbon footprint, but save you money in the long run. Replace bulbs with more energy efficient ones, and always remember to turn off the lights when you leave a room.

3 – Make a list of projects you’d like to accomplish. You should always be maintaining your home. If you make a list at the beginning of the year, you can start planning ahead to focus on the areas where you need to spend your money. Once you know where the money is being spent, and what projects need to take place, it will be much easier to plan them out and keep your budget under control.

4 – Create a cleaning schedule. Dust, dirt, and grime builds up everyday in your home. Part of the reason you love your home is because it’s your sanctuary. So make sure you do some sort of cleaning maintenance each week to keep your home in order, and to keep the chores from becoming overwhelming. Clean bedrooms, and empty trash weekly. All dishes must go in the dishwasher, or be cleaned every night – no excuses! Dust, vacuum, and sweep dirt away at least once a week, or every other week. This will prevent allergies, and keep your family safe and healthy.

5 – Buy a plant. Plants breathe new life into a space. It’s true, that some even improve the air quality of your home (try aloe, spider plants, golden pothos, weeping fig, and azaleas). You’ll be amazed at how buying a plant can transform your drab space into a serene, welcoming environment.