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Holiday Gift Guide for Your Neighbors

Whether you just moved into a new home, or have been in your home for a few years the holidays are the perfect time to reconnect with and thank you friendly neighbors who have generously let you lend their tools, helped rake your leaves, or babysat for your little one. Here’s a list of a few ideas to spread some cheer this holiday season:

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Baked Cookies & Candy

Whip up a batch of the best and yummiest – chocolate chip, gingersnap, sugar, chocolate thumbprint, or peanut butter blossoms. Try to get them when they’re hot, and fresh out of the over. It will be sure to put a smile on their face! Or, try your hand at some candy – peppermint bark, truffles, taffy, toffee, or homemade marshmallows (severed with a jar of hot cocoa).

Fruit Basket

You can also go the “healthy” route. Get an ordinary weave basket, and fill it with the prettiest apples, oranges or clementines, and pears that you can find. Stuff the sides with tissue paper or burlap, and tie it with a big bow. You can also sprinkle in some nuts (Brazilian nuts, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds).

Personalized Ornament

Use the first letter of their last name, and decorate a nice ornament for their tree. Hang a string from it, and put a nice little note on it.

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Homemade Food in Jar

Give them a hot chocolate kit, pancake kit, cookie-making kit, or make something from scratch like jellies, salsas, jams, or a special dip. Presentation is always important, so make a cute holiday sticker, or personalized note that will leave a lasting impression.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!