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Quality workmanship, a builder with a strong commitment to stand behind their homes, a desirable location and... you! When you purchase a home from Judd Builders, you'll enjoy the benefits of over 50 years of experience. Expert planning, award-winning, energy efficient home designs and the best locations are all hallmarks of the Judd Builders experience.

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4 Mementos to Keep from Your Childhood Home

Posted on September 28, 2016

So, you’re finally selling your old home and it’s tough to say goodbye to some of your childhood memories. What should you keep to remind you of those sweet years? What should you toss? These decisions can be very hard, … Continue reading


More than a Laundry Room: Smart Upgrades to Maximize Space

Posted on September 21, 2016

Your laundry room is probably a pretty straightforward place, and let’s face it, probably a bit boring too. If you’re short on space throughout the rest of the home, there are ways to maximize space and give your existing laundry … Continue reading